Ice Cream Trucks are often brightly decorated and carry images of ice cream, or some other adornment, such as
cartoon characters.  They may have painted-on notices, which can serve a commercial purpose ("
Stop Me and Buy
!") or a more serious one (" Watch that Child! " - serving as a warning to passing motorists that children may run
out into the road at the sight of the Ice Cream Truck, or appear without warning from behind it).  Along the sides, large
sliding windows act as a serving hatch, and this is often covered with small pictures of the available products, with their
associated prices.  A distinctive feature of Ice Cream trucks is their melodic chimes, and often these take the form of a
famous and recognisable tune, often a nursery rhyme melody.

Most Ice Cream Trucks tend to sell both packaged '
Popsicles' and 'Ice Cream Bars' in wrappers, but some offer
'Soft-Serve' ice cream from a machine, served in a cone or dish.  Banana Splits, Sundaes, Malts and Shakes are also
available on these trucks.

In some locations, Ice Cream Truck operators have diversified to fill gaps in the market for '
Soft Drinks' and 'Water'
using their capacity for refrigerated storage to sell chilled cans and bottles.  Many have also added Hot Dogs and other
such foods.  

Whatever form the truck has, an Ice Cream Truck has created fond memories of childhood for many and it continues to
bring excitement to our children while hopefully creating those same fond memories for them.  
Our Business
History of the Ice Cream Truck
An Ice Cream Truck is a commercial vehicle which serves as a travelling
retail outlet for ice cream, usually during the summer.  Ice Cream Trucks
are often seen parked at public events, near children play (outside
schools, in residential areas, or in other locations).  They usually stop
briefly before moving on to the next location.
SoftServeTreats was founded in April 2011 by Ron & Linda Barker when we purchased the Ice Cream Truck from
a previous vendor from Lake City, Minnesota.   Intentions were to return a little nostalgia to the residents of the Edisto
Island and Edisto Beach, SC area.  We feature
"Frostline" Soft Serve ice cream that is non-dairy, lactose and cholesterol
free, Popsicle brand frozen novelties, Breyer's Juice Bars, Root Beer Floats made with A&W Root Beer and more.  We
are proud to offer world famous
Linda's Hot Dogs and Duano's Renowned Local Hot Dog Chili.

We serve only the highest quality products and food.

We are available for parties and other events in the area.  Just give us a call at (843) 869-9040 or (843) 345-4090
to schedule your event for a visit by the Ice Cream Truck.

345- 4090
We Deliver Fun!